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What we do


Specialized publications can be branded like your company's hobby magazine or magbook. We offer licensed content in various areas - sports, creative projects, home and women interests. Then, we adapt and enrich the texts and visuals for your marketing needs, design it and wrap it as a standalone magbook and distribute it via mass consumer channels (press kiosks, bookstores, gas stations, etc.)

See some EXAMPLES here and few HOT OFFERS here.


We provide high quality outsourced services for publishers of print magazines.

Our team of graphic designers has over 20 years of experience working on design and page layout for numerous international lifestyle magazines.

We are efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Work is accomplished and delivered online and we can fit customer's schedule by working excessive hours or expanding the team on demand.



Well, social media is not new anymore, but who has really monetized the buzz and the "likes" yet? The true engagement comes with valuable content, which the users would want to keep.


Our approach is simple and down-to-earth. Using freshly built databases, we use good old e-mail marketing, but we add a pinch of QR experience, dash it with some video and let it fly. True viral. With e-commerce opt-in.

It all started with our own marketing needs, events and zero budget. Then, knowing our media peers' interests, helps us create and execute original and successful events, supported by surprising partnerships.


These events bring free media attention, viral effect and lots of fans, and ultimately - the marketing effect for the business initiator.

Whether it's designing a special package for your new product, or placing it in a brand new environment, we apply our "out of the box" approach to make your advertising work in the too busy surroundings. 

Our ideas follow your clients, so we meet them exactly where and when it's the best occasion.

Together with Mirriad we provide digital brand integration in tv productions. See how it works.

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