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Who we are

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.*




Sometimes the simplest ideas turn into the best marketing solutions. But isn't that the very point?


We believe that marketing is not about winning creative competitions.

It's about winning clients.


*Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011). Thank you for the apple.

Once upon a time...


"The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years." Rupert Murdoch said that around the same time when this conclusion was already formed in our heads as well.


Over 17 years ago when we (Biljana Lowndes & Elena Tzankova) opened the doors of our agency, we started as a creative studio, working mainly for the web. We were fascinated by the vast capabilities of the new media - interactivity, fluid design, user experience... We were active builders of the modern web landscape, e-commerce and creative multimedia. We actively educated our clients how internet and e-mail marketing could support their business and expand their customer service. Some examples of our works can still be seen on our very old site here.


After the 100th project we stopped with web development, because we were devoted to a larger cause - to help the Bulgarian web community grow stronger and have its own platform for presentation of best design and web works. We diverted our business to publishing.


.net magazine

As a publisher of the one and only printed monthly magazine for internet business we took over 50 interviews with local web activists, presented numerous local agencies and their projects, and kept a devoted audience and fans. During the period 2008-2013 we organized 14 events for this community - various seminars and talk-shows, each holding around 150 people and attracting foreign experts in design, usability, e-commerce, mobile marketing, et al.


Along the periodical issues of .net, we started special publications in the field of photography and logically, we expanded our publishing activities with another magazine - FOTOmania. It's another pioneer in its field, being the only monthly magazine for photography in Bulgaria.



Photography is the most popular hobby today. With billions of devices and their ease of use, capturing the moment becomes the quickest way for expression. Back to business application, for the marketing professionals this translates into an instrument for interactivity with the consumer on a whole new level. So, along with spreading knowledge about photo capturing and editing, only for the first two years after FOTOmania’s launch, we’ve organized over 40 photo contests which account to thousands of images and rich database of participants.


Web and creative marketing - well, that's our specialty. We have the knowledge and experience in developing and deploying web and mobile instruments, combined with print media and the countless opportunities of their merge.


Now, the real challenge is not the media, because it's just the vehicle. What matters is the content and creative idea behind it.


We have ideas. And we know how to bring them to life.

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